Develop your Virtual Classroom Skills with our Deep-Dive Virtual Facilitation Skills Courses

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Develop your Virtual Classroom Skills with our Deep-Dive Virtual Facilitation Skills Courses

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NetSpeed Learning Solutions offers two courses to help experienced classroom trainers become highly successful facilitators for the virtual classroom: the Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification (VFTC) course and The Virtual Facilitator Launch Pad (VFLP) course. Both courses provide content to help trainers as well as instructional designers make the transition to the virtual classroom.

Both the VFTC and the VFLP courses include a combination of synchronous learning (using our Adobe Connect webinar platform) and asynchronous, self-paced online learning (at the NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ web site).

High-speed Internet access is required for completion of both programs’ online exercises and participation in the webinars. A web camera is highly preferred, but not required. Students who successfully complete either course will be able to:

  • Design effective virtual classroom exercises using web conference interaction tools
  • Engage learner attention and participation in online learning
  • Repurpose traditional classroom exercises for collaborative online learning
  • Describe best practices for online facilitation
  • Develop a web conference program which includes
    • A simple facilitator guide
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Participant materials for a 20-minute online learning session
  • Increase learning transfer after the facilitated session

Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification (VFTC)

The VFTC takes participants through a rigorous four-week, deep-dive virtual classroom skills learning experience. We introduce you to all the resources you need to ensure that you can deliver a powerful, high impact virtual classroom session. The VFTC provides between 12 and 20 hours of asynchronous learning content (time range varies depending on how quickly you complete the various learning exercises), as well as 4 hours of synchronous facilitated virtual classroom webinars, and a private coaching session followed by a 20-minute trainback presentation. Throughout this virtual classroom skills course, a NetSpeed Master Trainer provides feedback on your assignments, models effective virtual facilitation practices, and provides detailed feedback on your 20-minute trainback. At the completion of the VFTC course, you may also schedule an additional one-hour coaching session, or invite a NetSpeed Master Host to support your first 60-minute webinar.

The VFTC course is our most comprehensive virtual classroom skills training program for the trainer who is serious about maximizing their virtual facilitation capabilities. It is designed specifically for veteran trainers who demand a more rigorous learning experience to ensure they develop world-class virtual facilitation skills and practices. This course is ideal for solo trainers, for Master Trainers, or for any experienced trainer who would benefit from professional certification as part of their career development.

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Delivery Options: Public VFTC course offered approximately every other month. Private VFTC programs for your organization are available upon request.

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Virtual Facilitator Launch Pad (VFLP)

This four-week course is designed for experienced classroom trainers who want to become familiar with designing and delivering engaging, interactive virtual classroom training. Participants will learn all the critical virtual classroom skills they need to deliver the highest quality synchronous, virtual training using any type of web conferencing platform. As part of the program, students will learn how to use and apply interactive online tools (polling, chat, whiteboard, break-out rooms, status icons, and application sharing) and integrate them using presentation software (PowerPoint), in an interactive, facilitated, virtual classroom course. The course is delivered through a blend of facilitated webinars and self-paced online content. Assignments, discussions, and exercises are completed each week at the NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ social media site where participants will download content and upload assignments. Synchronous virtual training events are held each week via an Adobe Connect web conference session to demonstrate the virtual facilitation techniques and engage learners using the interaction tools. At the end of the course, trainers will prove their virtual facilitation skills by designing and delivering a 20-minute webinar to their course colleagues.

The VFLP course is designed for experienced trainers who need to develop virtual facilitation skills for virtual classroom delivery. This program includes three synchronous virtual classroom webinars with a Master Trainer and completion of 4 -8 hours of asynchronous learning to understand the best practices of virtual facilitation and the key differences between classroom and virtual training. You will experience an individual one-on-one coaching session to give you hands-on practice using web conferencing tools as we teach you how to design and facilitate a 20-minute virtual classroom presentation with your peers in two trainback sessions.

Delivery Options: Private VFLP programs for your organization are available upon request. Public VFLP courses available so long as a minimum of three or more VFLP participants enroll.

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